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Surrounding tourism

Introduction of tours around the area

Madarao Plateau will show you around sightseeing around Madarao Plateau

The attraction of the Madarao Plateau is not limited to winter alone
We will inform you of activities on a refreshing plateau
  • Enjoy winter sports!

    100% natural snow! fine powder snow☆
  • Please enjoy trekking in the refreshing plateau.

    • You can enjoy the view of 1,200m above sea level!

      Green season limited! Let's go to "Kanoyama Terrace"!

      Madarao Plateau, which is also the stage of the song "Furusato".
      The "Kanoyama Terrace" where you can enjoy the view on the mountain after the rabbit is open.
      A view at an altitude of 1,200 m from multiple locations such as the Chikuma River deck with a view of the Chikuma River and Iiyama City below, a Japan Sea deck with a view of the Japan Sea and Sado Island in the distance, and prefectural border benches located at the foot of Nagano and Niigata Prefecture Will enjoy.
    • Golden Week Free Trekking Guide

      Spring trekking

      Three days during the Golden Week (5/3 to 5/5), this year only for guests
      We offer "Free Trekking Guide" service!
      The course take a walk is the best recommendation of this time period "Numanohara Shitsugen".
      Because there are mostly wooden roads and flat boardwalks, anyone can participate.
      As warm days continue and few snowfalls this year, please enjoy the flower competition of Mizubasho and Ryukinka.
      It is likely to enjoy enough!
      Of course guide, official guide of Madarao Plateau Tourism Association.
      Twice a day(1 hour 30 minutes each time)Holding.Capacity First come first served in 30 people.
      Please make sure to book through accommodation.
      We are waiting for your participation!
    • Autumn Trail Running Race

      In 2007, at that time as a trail running race was still unusual
      It was the first race.
      It is held every year.
  • Other surrounding tourist attractions

    Convenient location as a base for popular sightseeing spots
    • snow monkey


      WILD SNOW MONKEY PARK you can see monkeys bathing in hot springs up close.
      It continues to be loved by people all over the world.

      About 1 hour by car from our hotel.
    • Cedar trees at the inner shrine of Togakushi Shrine

      Togakushi Shrine Okusha

      Togakushi Shrine is located at the foot of Mt.
      The approach to the shrine is about 2 kilometers, and in the middle there is a red thatch-roofed Zuijinmon, and beyond that is a row of cedar trees that are over 400 years old and have been designated as a natural monument.
      It is a famous power spot nationwide.

      About 50 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

      National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

      Matsumoto Castle began as Fukashi Castle, which was built during the Eisei era of the Warring States period, and is Japan's oldest national treasure castle among existing five-storied, six-story castle towers.
      A castle tower standing in a magnificent scenery with the Northern Alps as a borrowed landscape.
      Please see the beauty of the contrast between white and black.

      About 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • National Zenkoji Temple

      Founded about 1400 years ago.There are many things to see, such as the main hall, which is a National Treasure with a cypress bark roof and shamoku construction, as well as the temple gate and sutra storehouse, both of which are Important Cultural Properties.There are many people who pray for a rebirth in paradise in the next life while visiting the ordination platform.

      About 50 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Restaurants around Iiyama City

    Information on restaurants in Iiyama City!