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Introduction of dishes

We will prepare dishes that are particular about seasonal ingredients.

We offer flavorful dishes centered on local seasonal ingredients.
Please enjoy yourself.


  • 【Standard Plan】 Kaiseki cuisine where you can enjoy grilled abalone and seasonal ingredients

    Kaiseki cuisine with abalone grilled as the main ingredient.
    Have a hearty meal using local seasonal produce.
  • 【Shinshu Beef grilled plan】The taste of meat spreading in the mouth! All-you-can-eat fried tempura

    Please enjoy the soft "Shinshu Beef" with a net grill.
    Fresh fried tempura is all you can eat!
    We have prepared seasonal ingredients for the season.

    The original dessert tempura is also very popular!
    Please enjoy various toppings and enjoy!
  • Western French course

    Limited to 5 groups per day.
    We offer a Western French course
    Please spend a relaxing and special time with your family and friends.