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Introduction of dishes

We offer Kaiseki dishes that are particular to seasonal ingredients

The menu of dishes was renewed from May 7, 2019.
We offer a variety of dishes with a focus on local seasonal produce.
Please enjoy yourself.


  • Kaiseki dishes that enjoy "standard plan", grilled abalone and seasonal ingredients

    It is 11 dishes of kaiseki dishes such as grilled abalone and soy milk pan with chicken meat.
    Have a hearty meal using local seasonal produce.
  • 【Shinshu Beef grilled plan】The taste of meat spreading in the mouth! All-you-can-eat fried tempura

    Please enjoy the soft "Shinshu Beef" with a net grill.
    Fresh fried tempura is all you can eat!
    We have prepared seasonal ingredients for the season.

    The original dessert tempura is also very popular!
    Please enjoy various toppings and enjoy!
  • 【Let's taste the season! 】Locally-made produce sushi rice bowl which changes with seasons

    Shinshu seasonal food that changes with the season.
    You can taste luxury at the most delicious time! We will prepare such food.
    Iiyama City freshly picked flavors such as Iiyama City special produced asparagus and rooted bamboo!

    It is a kaiseki cuisine that changes the menu every season.
    June, Iiyama special product asparagus sea urchin chopsticks
    July, Rooted bamboo bamboo chopsticks chopsticks
    All-you-can-eat rice bowl in the Sea of Japan in August
    September, Shinshu mushroom marinated chopsticks

    ★Special Advantages★
    We will offer a bottle of Shinshu sake (or soft drink) at dinner time.