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Surrounding tourism

Introduction of tours around the area

Madarao Plateau will show you around sightseeing around Madarao Plateau

The attraction of the Madarao Plateau is not limited to winter alone
We will inform you of activities on a refreshing plateau
  • Please enjoy trekking in the refreshing plateau.

    • GW Free Trekking Guide

      Spring trekking

      Three days during the Golden Week (5/3 to 5/5), this year only for guests
      We offer "Free Trekking Guide" service!
      The course take a walk is the best recommendation of this time period "Numanohara Shitsugen".
      Because there are mostly wooden roads and flat boardwalks, anyone can participate.
      As warm days continue and few snowfalls this year, please enjoy the flower competition of Mizubasho and Ryukinka.
      It is likely to enjoy enough!
      Of course guide, official guide of Madarao Plateau Tourism Association.
      Twice a day(1 hour 30 minutes each time)Holding.Capacity First come first served in 30 people.
      Please make sure to book through accommodation.
      We are waiting for your participation!
    • Autumn Trail Running Race

      In 2007, at that time as a trail running race was still unusual
      It was the first race.
      It is held every year.
  • Enjoy winter sports!

    Madarao Plateau 80 meters to the ski resort slopes of Madarao Plateau!