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Introduction of dishes

With seasonal ingredients fried in tempura

Provide tempura with a little rare ingredients such as Shinshu Iwana ( char ) Shinshu Beef sirloin and Shinshu Iwana ( char )
Please eat fried freshly made tempura as much as you want


  • "Basic plan", Tempura buffet & Japanese set menu

    In addition to a Japanese-style meal, it has a tempura buffet service.
    "Tempura buffet" in a buffet style
    It is a service that you can have seasonal ingredients served with fried tempura.
  • "1 item plus", we will attach one item of your choice to the basic plan

    Tempura buffet 'basic plan' at Japanese-style meza
    It is a plan that put on your favorite dish.

    To 1 product
    There are "crab" "abalone" "cattle shabu" etc.